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Removal from the Student Register

Academic Regulations Article

Regulations Concerned

Korea University Constitution Article 20 (Removal from Student Register), Article 26 (Length of Studentship), Academic Regulations Article 32 (Return After Military Service Discharge), Article 38 (Length of Studentship), Article 40 (Reasons for Return of Tuition), and Article 77 (Academic Warning)


It is an action taken to request that students discontinue their studies when conditions for removal from student register occur.

Conditions for Removal from the Student Register

  • Students who fail to return within the registration period after their rationale for absence is no longer valid.
  • Students who fail to register for a semester by the deadline.
  • Students who face dismissal from the school through a disciplinary process.
  • Students who exceed the length of studentship.
  • Students who exceed the length of studentship.
  • Students who are subject to removal from the student register for the reasons set forth here or under other University rules.

Length of Studentship

  • Length of total studentship for an undergraduate degree course shall be twice the time limits of course completion.
  • Length of studentship for re-admitted and transfer students shall be twice the remaining time limits of course completion.
  • Students affiliated with a department (or division/school) that allows for grade retention may extend the length of studentship by a maximum of one year when a student’s unique circumstances are recognized.
  • Leave of absence periods are not included in the length of studentship
  • The length of studentship includes the student register retention period for students exceeding the time limits of course completion if they fail to satisfy any special requirements for graduation stipulated by the relevant department (or division/school), including graduation test, graduation thesis, English test score, or Chinese character certification, while completing the credits required for graduation under Article 57 of the Academic Regulations.
Students who have been admitted before the year 2013 shall refer to Addendum Article 3 (Measures on Prolonged Studentship) of the Academic Regulations.

Tuition Refund

Tuition fees are refunded to students who withdraw from the university after paying tuition or to students who are on a leave of absence after paying tuition and withdraw from the university. (The refund schedule and rate of tuition refunded shall differ depending on the date the leave of absence or withdrawal is applied for.)


Important Notes

Students who exceed the length of studentship shall be removed from the student register and shall not be granted re-admission.



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