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Intra-Campus Department Transfer

Academic Regulations Article

Regulations Concerned

  • 「Academic Regulations」
  • 「Regulations on Intra-Campus Department Transfer」
  • Regulations of each College/Division/Department on transfers


The process offers the opportunity to students to change their first major to another division/department within Intra-Campus.

Application Periods


For detailed information on application schedules, refer to the notices on ‘Intra-Campus Department Transfer Policies’ and the academic calendar on KU Portal or KU website.

Eligibility for Department Transfer

Common Requirements
  • You must be in your sophomore or junior year;
  • You have taken 3 to 6 semesters (excluding summer/winter sessions);
  • You have completed major courses of at least 9 credits in the department you are currently affiliated with; and
  • Your GPA is 2.00 or higher: The GPA to be taken into account is not the GPA for Transcript but GPA Overall, which includes grade points for the courses you have retaken, failed, or taken during summer/winter sessions
  • You must satisfy additional rquirements of the department you transfer from and to
You are not eligible for department transfer if you
  • are enrolled in a Contracted Department
  • are a university transfer student, a re-admission student, a dual degree student
  • are a student of the School of Interdisciplinary Studies who started at the School of Interdisciplinary Studies and have chosen your major
  •  are a student who started in a Division and have chosen your major therein (you may not transfer to another Department within the same Division)
  • have already campus transferred from another Campus
  • are a student athlete of the Department of Physical Education

Application Procedures

  • How to Apply: Visit KUPID → Registration/Graduation → University Registration → Department Transfer
  • Evaluation Standards: Outgoing/Incoming Eligibility Satisfaction, Department Outgoing/ Incoming Evaluation Standars
    • Check the regulations of each College/Division/Department on transfers - KUPID > Knowledge > 규정지식 > 학칙/규정 > Search for “Transfer "

Important Notes

  • You may transfer only once and thus may not transfer back to your original department.
  • If students already enrolled in a Teacher's Certificate Program transfer to another Department, they will be automatically withdrawn from the Program (for both their first and double major) and they will not be able to apply for a Teacher's Certificate Program in the Department they have transferred to.
  • If accepted for department transfer, your Department will officially change on next semster.
  • For applicants who do not have a second major or had their new Department as their double major, their original Department will be their double major upon transfer.
    • Exceptions
      • In accordance with Article 105 of the Academic Regulations:
        Students transferring from the College of Medicine, the College of Nursing and the College of Pharmacy to another college cannot have Medicine, Nursing or Pharmacy as their double major upon transfer, as it is not possible to have a double major in these disciplines.
      • Students transferring from the College of Education to another college will not come to have their first major as their double major upon transfer, as only students of the College of Education may have a double major in a Department thereunder.
  • Credit(s) for the major courses of the Department you are transferring to will be acknowledged even if earned prior to the transfer.
  • Once department transferred, you must meet the requirements of your new Department for graduation.
  • The maximum length of studentship and semester leaves of absence will not be extended upon transfer, and the number of semesters already taken will be calculated to include those before and after your transfer.