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Missed Examination 

Academic Regulations Article

Receiving a Grade for a Missed Examination(Description)

Grades are given at the discretion of the instructor to students who were unable to take the midterm or final exam due to military service, illness, death of a family member, or other compelling reasons.

Relevant Regulations

Refer to Articles 69 and 70 of the Academic Regulations.

Application Procedure

  • Submit the following documents to the administration office of the relevant department.
  • The documents must be submitted before the date of the examination; however, students who were unable to submit before the examination due to unforeseeable circumstances should submit the documents within 10 days of the incident.

Required Documents

  • An official form for a receiving a grade for a missed examination (available in the administration office of each department)
  • Documentary Evidence
    • Illness: medical certificate issued by the director of the university hospital or other hospital
    • Military service: copy of the military service notice
    • Death of a family member (limited to one’s spouse and immediate family members):
      • copy of the obituary and subsequent submission of a copy of the death certificat 
    • Participating in official events (international sports event, training, and on-site teaching practice, etc.): relevant documents
    • Other reasons equally compelling as those in subparagraphs 1 to 4: relevant documents



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