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Summer/Winter Sessions


  • Credit Earned During Summer/Winter Sessions
    • Students can earn up to nine (9) credits during a summer or winter session.
    • Registration and course completion for summer/winter sessions are not included in the time limits for course completion.
    • Credits earned during summer/winter sessions are marked as summer/winter sessions on academic transcripts and will be included in calculations for total credits and overall GPA.
  • Students on a Leave of Absence and Summer/Winter Sessions
    • Students on a leave of absence may take courses during the summer/winter sessions. However, when a student on a leave of absence fulfills graduation requirements by earning credits during the summer/winter sessions, the student must wait at least one semester after returning from the leave of absence to graduate.
  • Others
    • The courses College Writing and Academic English must be taken initially during a regular semester.

Summer/Winter Sessions Procedures

계절학기 진행 절차
Steps Notes
Request for Courses Courses can be requested before the summer/winter sessions begin in April or October. (Refer to notices on the KU Portal.)
Courses Open for Summer/Winter Sessions Courses are opened by departments offering summer/winter sessions in May or November. (Courses can be checked for at sugang.korea.ac.kr or the KU Portal.)
Course Registration
  • The procedure for course registration is the same as that for the regular semester.
    •  Summer Session: Course registration from the end of May to early June. 
    • Winter Session: Course registration from the end of November to early December.
  • The course registration period is different each semester. Students must refer to the notices on the KU Portal.
Payment of Lecture Fees
  • Lecture fees for courses that have been registered for must be paid through a virtual payment account.
  • Courses are automatically dropped when the lecture fees are not paid.
Withdrawal from Courses
  • Courses can be withdrawn from before half of the session passes
  • Lecture fees will be refunded. The refund rates are determined by when the student withdraws from the session.
Cancellation of Courses, Grading, Surveys on Courses
  • Courses are canceled in the same way as those during the regular semester. After the course cancellation notification, students who signed up for the canceled courses can add/drop courses.
  • Grading and surveys on courses will proceed in the same way as during the regular semester. However, students can check their grades for the summer/winter sessions immediately after completing the survey.

Regulations Concerned

Academic Regulations Article

Korea University Academic Regulations Article 49 (Credit Acquisition in Summer/Winter Session)



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