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홈버튼 Educational Program Educational Support 

Educational Support 

CTL: Center for Teaching and Learning

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The CTL provides various teaching enhancement programs and multimedia utilization training to faculty members for more effective lectures. It also provides a variety of learning support programs customized to student needs (undergraduate and graduate students) to strengthen their self-directed learning capabilities.
In addition, through the education sharing movement, The CTL shares excellent education content with other countries to facilitate education delivery. It also plays a leading role in helping to create a global education environment by providing a real-time video lecturing system.
홈페이지 안내
Coaching https://learninghigh.korea.ac.kr
Blackboard Learn http://kulms.korea.ac.kr
Lecture Authoring Tool http://kucom.korea.ac.kr
PPT Templates http://web.pptworld.co.kr/korea(exclusive use only on campus)
http://ctl.korea.ac.kr(On/Off Campus)
KUOCW http://kuocw.korea.ac.kr
  Tel E-mail Fax
Teaching Support 02-3290-1578 ctl@korea.ac.kr 02-921-0680
Learning Support 02-3290-1577 kuctl@korea.ac.kr  
University Life Research 02-3290-1582 ku-life@korea.ac.kr  
e-Learning 02-3290-1585~6 elearning@korea.ac.kr (e-Learning)
ocw@korea.ac.kr (e-Learning)
mooc@korea.ac.kr (MOOC Lecture)

International Writing Service(IWS)

International Writing Service(IWS)

International Writing Services offers students customized tutoring services to help them express themselves in English and demonstrate their academic ability to the rest of the world. In addition, qualified translators and native speakers provide accurate, sophisticated translation and editing services.

  • Center in Charge: Foreign Language Center at the Institute of Foreman Language Studies, Korea University
  • Tel: 02-3290-1547~8
  • E-mail: kuiws@korea.ac.kr
  • Fax: 02-921-0069