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Retaken Courses 

Academic Regulations Article

Regulations Concerned

Korea University Academic Regulations Article 12 (Credit Transfer of General Transfer Students), Article 51 (Credit Withdrawal), Article 72 (Retaken Courses), Addendum Article 7(Interim Measure for Changes in Retaken Courses)


Students can retake courses they have already taken and receive credit for them.

Eligible Courses

  • Courses in which a grade of C+ (Grade Point: 2.50) or lower has been awarded.
  • Courses recognized for general transfer students’ credit transfers shall not be retaken.
  • Courses whose credits have been withdrawn shall not be retaken.
  • Courses completed at a different university through domestic or international exchanges shall not be retaken.

Grading for Retaken Courses

  • The grade for a course that has been retaken cannot exceed an A (Grade Point: 4.00), and the grade for a course retaken for the second time cannot be higher than a B+ (Grade Point: 3.50).
  • The higher of the first and second grades is reflected in the student’s GPA, but both will be shown on the academic transcript.
  • Courses receiving a lower grade and therefore not reflected in the GPA are marked with an R (Retake).

Interim Measures

The following regulation on grading shall apply to courses taken for the first time from the 2014 spring semester: In cases where courses are retaken for the second time, the grade for the course cannot exceed B+, and the lower grade is marked with an R.



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