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Dual Degree 

Academic Regulations Article


Korea University Constitution Article 36, Academic Regulations Chapter 7 Section 2


A dual degree means that students complete the curriculum of the first major program of the other department/division/school. Students can only start the dual degree program after fulfilling their graduation requirements.


  • Students who have completed at least 102 credits (34 credits for transfer students with a bachelor’s degree).
  • Students who have achieved an overall GPA of at least 2.50 including F grades.
  • Students enrolled during the semester concerned
    • Students who have been approved for a dual degree shall not apply for another dual degree.
    • If students who have been approved for a dual degree intent to withdraw from the program, students shall obtain a degree according to the degree conferment schedule.

Application Periods

March (Spring Semester), September (Fall Semester)

For detailed information on the application periods, refer to the notices regarding dual degree application and academic calendar on the KU Portal and the University website.

Application Procedures

  • Selection Standards
    • Academic transcripts, study plan, as well as other evaluation criteria required by the desired department or major.
    • Academic evaluation reflects the students’ GPA for all courses (including those in which an F grade was received) taken until the previous semester.
  • Application Method
    • Log in to the KU Portal (http://portal.korea.ac.kr) > Registration and Graduation – University Registration – Application for Dual Degree

Relevant Departments

  • Excluded Departments (Division/School)
    • Departments of Law, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, and Cyber Defense, and the Division of Computer and Communication Engineering
  • Restricted College (Division/School)
    • Applicants for the College of Education must be enrolled in the College of Education.
  • Additional Notes
    • Applicants for the College of Health Science must be affiliated with one of the following: School of Biomedical Engineering, School of Biosystem and Biomedical Science, School of Health and Environmental Science, or School of Health Policy and Management.
    • However, all College of Health Science students who were admitted to the University between 2006 and 2013 are not eligible to apply.
    • Students from the following previous departments of the College of Health Science shall not apply: Departments of Biomedical Science, Radiologic Science, Physical Therapy, Dental Laboratory Science and Engineering, Healthcare Management, Food and Nutrition, Environmental Health, and Biomedical Engineering.

      For the departments subject to the adjustment of demand and supply of health and medical human resources including the Departments of Biomedical Science, Radiologic Science, Physical Therapy, and Division of Dental Laboratory Science and Engineering at the College of Health Science, students can complete the curriculum as a dual degree but are not given the eligibility for the National Examination.

Selection Methods

  • Humanities and Natural Sciences Departments/Divisions/Schools
    • Document screening and interview (English interviews for the Division of International Studies)
  • Art and Physical Education Departments/Divisions/Schools
    • Document screening and interview or practical examination are required.

Please refer to the notices and academic calendar regarding application fees, interviews, announcement of successful applicants, and other relevant information.