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Credit Withdrawal 

Academic Regulations Article


Earned credits may be withdrawn once before graduation.

※ Previous regulation for withdrawal of acquired credits were limited only to abolished courses. The scope has now been expanded to include courses in which credits were acquired, as of 2024.03.01. 

Relevant Regulation

Refer to Article 51 of the Academic Regulations.

Eligible Students

Those who have registered for seven or more semesters and completed 102 credits or more (106 credits for colleges/schools and departments/divisions is discussed in Article 51(2)).
-In the case of undergraduate transfer students, only senior students are eligible. Students in a dual major program are not eligible.

Withdrawal of Credits

Up to six credits may be withdrawn and a withdrawal application may be submitted only once before graduation.

Applicable Courses for Withdrawal

  • Courses in which credits have been acquired (including courses with graded recognition)
  • Courses being taken and required courses cannot be withdrawn.

Application Period

Twice a year in the spring and fall semesters (a detailed schedule will be announced separately)

A withdrawal application may be submitted only once before graduation.

Application Submission

Click KUPID > Registration & Graduation > Grade Inquiries >Credit Withdrawal, fill out the application form, and submit the form by the deadline.


  • Required courses, including required general education courses, required major courses, and required teacher training courses cannot be withdrawn.
  • The grade of a withdrawn course will be indicated with “W” under the course title and excluded from the overall GPA.
  • Courses being retaken cannot be withdrawn, and courses whose credits have been withdrawn cannot be retaken.
  • The submitted credit withdrawal application cannot be withdrawn. Students must recheck credit requirements for graduation prior to submission of the application.



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