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홈버튼 Enrollment Summer/Winter Sessions Registration

Summer/Winter Sessions Registration

Academic Regulations Article

Regulations Concerned

Korea University Constitution Article 21 (Academic Year and Semester), Academic Regulations Article 49 (Credit Acquisition during Summer/Winter Sessions), Article 50 (Course Registration and Credit Acquisition of Students on a Leave of Absence)


Paying tuition in order to earn credits during the vacation in addition to the regular semesters.

Registration and completion of the Summer/Winter sessions are not included in the number of registrations stipulated in Clause 1 of Article 36 and the time limits for course completion stipulated in Article 37 in the Academic Regulations.

Application Period

June (Summer Session), December (Winter Session)


Maximum of six (6) credits per session (permitted for students on a leave of absence)

Tuition Paymment Methods

  1. Refer to the notice regarding tuition payment for the summer/winter sessions for detailed information.
  2. Visit http://sugang.korea.ac.kr and click on Notice for Summer/Winter Sessions Tuition Payment.
  3. Pay tuition per course through a virtual payment account (all branches of KEB Hana Bank, internet banking, phone banking, ATM, or deposit without bankbook).
  4. Account numbers for tuition payments differ by course. Tuition must be paid to each course’s designated account number.
  5. Tuition must be paid to the KEB Hana Bank, and the student must be the account holder. The counter at the bank is open until 4 p.m., and internet banking is available 24 hours.
  • For tuition payment information for courses involving field practice, please contact the administration office of the relevant college.
  • KEB Hana Bank at Korea University: Tel. 929-6241~3 (Phone inquiries are not answered after regular banking hours.)
  • For more information, refer to the notice for summer/winter sessions tuition payment.

Withdrawal from Courses (Refunds)

Go to KU Portal

During the course withdrawal period, students can log in to the KU Portal (http://portal.korea.ac.kr) and withdraw from courses via
Class → Course Registration → Summer/Winter Sessions → Withdrawal from courses.
(Credit exchange students without a portal ID must request an ID.)

Tuition Refund Schedule

등록금 반환 기준
Withdrawal from courses prior to the start of the session Tuition fees to be refunded.
Withdrawal from the start of the session up to 1/3 of the course Two-thirds of the lecture fees will be refunded.
Withdrawal from the start of the session up to 1/2 of the course Half of the lecture fees will be refunded.
Withdrawal after 1/2 of the course No tuition fees will be refunded (withdrawal not permitted).

After the course withdrawal period, withdrawal from courses is not permitted under any circumstances, and no applications for withdrawal will be accepted.

Important Notes

  • If courses are not registered for within the specified period of time, course registration is canceled automatically, and lecture fees shall not be paid later.
  • Under the regulations on course cancellation (less than 20 registered students for general education courses, less than 10 for major courses), lecture fees of the canceled courses shall be refunded to the student’s account.


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