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Go to K-MOOC

MOOC (Massive Online Open Course) is an educational program made available to anyone, from anywhere, and at any time through the internet. K-MOOC, a MOOC website designed to fit the educational needs of Koreans, was launched in 2015 to facilitate the “innovation of university education through an open higher education system.” Since then, Korea University has been participating and offering online courses through the K-MOOC website.

Open Education

Go to Global MOOC (Open education)

Believing that MOOC courses play a leading role in sharing the knowledge available from universities, Korea University has been developing and offering MOOC courses for learners in Korea and abroad on the Open Education website, a free education platform provided by Blackboard, a course management system.


Go to KU OCW

KU OCW is part of an open educational resources (OER) project. Any learner can access educational resources on KU OCW from anywhere, share educational resources created by themselves, and accumulate knowledge. They can also participate in translating resources in Korean into other languages to help learners in other parts of the world.

iTunes U

Go to iTunes U

iTunes U is the world’s largest catalog of free educational content. More than 500,000 educational resources offered by more than 1000 institutions from 26 countries are available on iTunes U. Korea University participated in the launch of iTunes U in Korea in 2013, sharing its excellent lectures with learners in Korea and around the world through the internet.

Discover KU

Go to Discover KU

Discover KU is an open campus program launched by Korea University and was the first of its kind in Korea. Not only elementary, middle, and high school students, but also adults can attend lectures on the university campus.



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