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Academic Regulations Article

Regulations Concerned

Korea University Constitution Article 15 (Re-admission), Academic Regulations Chapter 2 Section 1 Subsection 3 Re-admission


Students who have been removed from the student register after having entered the University and having been enrolled for more than one semester who desire to continue their studies at the University are eligible for readmission, which shall be permitted through the recommendation of the head of the department/division/school when there is a vacancy under the student quota of the relevant department/division/school.


Readmission is permitted to students only when two semesters or more have passed since a student was removed from the student register. 

However, readmission is permitted when one semester has passed since the student was removed from the student register due to the failure to return within the registration period after the rationale for absence is no longer valid or due to the failure to register for a semester by the deadline.

Readmission is not permitted to students affiliated with the College of Medicine who have been removed from the student register due to academic failure or due to an exceeded length of studentship from the College of Medicine.

Application Period

Early June (Spring Semester), Early December (Fall Semester)

For more details, refer to the website or notice for readmission on the Academic Calendar of the KU Portal.

Application Procedure

Prepare the required documents and apply at the Admissions Office of the affiliated department/division/school.

Required Documents
  • A copy of an application for readmission (designated form)
  • A copy of a written pledge for readmission (designated form)
  • A copy of a written rationale for application and study plan (designated form)
  • A copy of student register (issued at the One-Stop Service Center)
  • A copy of the student’s academic transcripts

Important Notes

  • The school year for readmitted students shall not be above the one at the time of removal from the school register.
  • Credits previously earned by readmitted students may be recognized.
  • Readmission shall be permitted when there is a vacancy under the student quota of the relevant department/division/school and shall be permitted once for each applicant.
  • Students approved for readmission shall pay tuition fees and complete the course registration.
    In addition to the tuition fees, readmitted students shall pay readmission fees (half of the admission fee in the relevant school year).
    Readmission shall be canceled upon failure to pay tuition and readmission fees, and it shall be applied to the application limit (once).
  • Readmitted students shall abide by the Korea University Constitution and other University rules and regulations and conform to the written pledge for readmission.
  • Readmitted students shall not apply for a general leave of absence in their first semester after readmission.



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