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Graduation Honors 

Academic Regulations Article

Regulations Concerned

Korea University Constitution Article 56 (Honors), Academic Regulations Article 79 (Graduation Honors)

Minimum Eligibility

Students acquiring at least 17 (18 if the graduation requirement is more than 135 credits) credits in each semester (no restriction for the fourth year, and at least 12 credits for exchange semesters at a foreign university) without having received a grade of F and exhibiting both exemplary behavior and excellent academic performance shall be selected for graduation honors.

Types and Grade Standards for Graduation Honors

  • Honors
    • Student with an overall GPA of at least 3.75
  • Great Honors
    • Student with an overall GPA of at least 4.00
  • Highest Honors
    • Student with an excellent overall GPA and recommended by his or her college/division/school


  • Graduation honors are transcribed on the student’s academic record.
  • Graduation highest honors are awarded.

Important Notes

Students exceeding the time limits for course completion are not eligible to receive honors.



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