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Academic Regulations Article

Regulations Concerned

Korea University Constitution Article 18 (Return from Absence), Article 20 (Removal from Student Register), Academic Regulations Article 31 (Application for Return), Article 32 (Return After Military Service Discharge)


Registration of students whose leave of absence has expired or when the rationale for the leave no longer exists

Application Period

February 1 (August) ~ February 25 (August 25)

Application Procedure

  • Students should submit the application for return through the following menu: KU Portal (portal.korea.ac.kr) – Registration/Graduation – University Registration – Application for Leave of Absence/Return
  • General Return: Submit application through KU Portal (no required documents) -> Approval
  • Return After Military Service Discharge: Scanned copy of either the certificate of discharge from military service or abstract of the resident registration (certificate of military registration) must be submitted.
    • Students who are expected to be discharged must submit the attached documents: military service discharge notification and written pledge; certificate of service as a military alternative social worker and written pledge (Submission of documents other than the ones stipulated shall not be recognized or accepted).
    • Students who have completed their military service and are applying for return must report their transfer to reserve status through the following menu: KU Portal (http://portal.korea.ac.kr) -> Information Depot -> Student Military Affairs
  • Application for leave of absence/return for graduate school students can be submitted through the KU Portal
    • Refer to the Graduate School website http://graduate.korea.ac.kr/grad/index.do

Important Notes

  • Students must submit their application for return within the designated period for Application for Return and complete the registration process within the designated registration period.
  • Students failing to return after the passage of one year from the date of military service discharge shall be removed from the student register.
  • Students subject to reserve force status shall submit the report of transference to the reserves either through the Information Depot menu on the KU Portal or by visiting the Military Affairs Team (Room 111 in Central Plaza).



  • General Inquiries

    Go to the Administration Office of department

  • Seoul Campus
    • Educational Affairs Team : 02-3290-2734, ohkyung@korea.ac.kr
  • Sejong Campus
    • Sejong Academic Support Center : 044-860-1085, eiepym@korea.ac.kr
  • Inquiries related to tuition
    • Financial Department : 02-3290-1184, kufinance@korea.ac.kr
  • Content Department
    • Educational Affairs Team : 02-3290-2734, ohkyung@korea.ac.kr