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Regulations Concerned

  • Korea University Constitution Article 38-2(Certification Programs)
  •  Academic Regulations Chapter 5, Section 6(Certification Programs) 

  ※ Korea University Constitution and Academic Regulations can be found on KU Website


  • This entails a limited curriculum, and is a program that allows students to complete a subspecialized major in a short period.
  • Awarded upon completion of a minimum of 12 credits.
  • Upon completion of the required number of credits in the courses included in each micro degree program, a certificate will be issued. 



Application and Completion

  • Without a separate application process, students can freely take courses offered under each Micro Degree. Upon fulfilling the completion requirements, a certificate of completion will be issued.
  • Undergraduate students enrolled at the Seoul or Sejong campus of the university are eligible.
  • Periods for confirming academic completion: August (Spring ), February (Fall )



Important Notes

  • Credits from courses completed before the introduction of the Micro Degree programs are also recognized.
  • If a course is included in two or more Micro Degree programs, the credits earned will be recognized as overlapping; in other words, these credits are earned just once.
  • A student can simultaneously complete two or more Micro Degree programs.




Administration Office of the Relevant College or Department/Division/School

마이크로디그리 주관대학 및 주관학과(부) 행정실
College/Department Major Microdegree URL Contact Number(02)
College of Liberal Arts Interdisciplinary Digital Literary Studies Digital Humanities and Cultural Contents 바로가기 버튼 3290-4458
Digital Language and Social Problem Solution
Interdisciplinary Digital Methodology on Legal Solution and Management Strategy
Interdisciplinary Digital Methodology on Chinese Cultural Contents
Interdisciplinary Digital Methodology on Japanese Cultural Contents
Department of  Korea Language and Literautre Digital Korean language and literature
Department of Korean History Digital History
Department of Sinographic Literautres Digital Humanities and East Asian Classical Literatures
College of Life Sciences and Biotechnology Division of Life Sciences Infectious Diseases and Immunity 바로가기 버튼 3290-4960
Division of Food Bioscience and Technology Food Safety 바로가기 버튼 3290-4962
Food Material & Processing
College of Political Science and Economics College of Political Science and Economics Social Policy Leader 바로가기 버튼 3290-1322
Data Analytics for Social Sciences
Historical Exploration of Politics and Economics
Advanced Data Analytics for Social Sciences
Department of Political Science & International Relations Law and Politics 바로가기 버튼 3290-1322
International Relations Specialist
Department of Public Administration Public Value and Social Responsibility 바로가기 버튼 3290-1322
Data-driven Policy Making
Urban and Regional Planning
Public Policy and Legal System
College of Science Department of Mathematics Mathematical Basics for Artificial Intelligence 바로가기 버튼  
College of Education Department of Education Corporate Education 바로가기 버튼 3290-1337
Learning and Psychological Consulting 바로가기 버튼
College of International Studies Division of International Studies International Organizations and Governance 바로가기 버튼 3290-1396
Data Science for International Studies
Global Financial Markets
Global Digital Commerce
Environment and International Development 
College of Health Science School of Biomedical Engineering Precision Public Health 바로가기 버튼 3290-5670
School of Biosystem and Biomedical Sciences Human Microbiome
Division of Health Policiy and Management Evidence-based Health Policy
Health Data Science
School of Smart Security Division of Smart Security AI Security 바로가기 버튼 3290-4250
Cryptographic Technology
White Hacking Technology
Data Protection and Privacy Personal Information Protection Technologies and Systems 바로가기 버튼
Convergence and Open Sharing System(New Energy Industry)

Convergence Major

in New Energy Industry

New Energy Industry – Energy Production 바로가기 버튼 3290-4675
New Energy Industry – Energy Storage and Conversion
New Energy Industry – Energy Management
New Energy Industry – Energy Transport and Operation
Energy & Environmental System
Eco Industry-Convergence and Open Sharing Center

Convergence Major

in Eco Smart City

Climate Change Adaption 바로가기 버튼 3290-4493
Sustainable Water Conservation
Pollution Prevention & Management
Biodiversity Conservation
Eco Process and System
Eco-Materials and ICT Convergence
AI/DS/ESG Convergence

Eco Industry-Convergence and Open Sharing Center


Convergence Major

in Smart Eco city

Climate-change Adaptation Smart-eco 바로가기 버튼 044-860-1450
Smart-Eco Water Conservation
Smart-Eco Contamination Management/Resource Cycling
Eco-AI/DS-ESG Convergence
Eco Process System
Eco-material ICT Convergence
Basic Eco-business

Human Resource Development  Center  for High-tech Semiconductor Equipment 

Interdisciplinary Major

in Advanced Semiconductor Process & Equipment

Advanced Semiconductor Process Facility  바로가기 버튼 044-860-5894