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Graduation Requirements 

Basic Requirements for Graduation

  • Acquisition of credits required for graduation
  • Acquisition of the minimum credits for general education courses required by the relevant department/division/school
  • Acquisition of credits required for the basic major courses of the first major and minimum required credits, in addition to acquisition of the minimum required credits for intensive major or second major course
  • Completion of Human Rights and Gender Equality Education (Pass/Fail, once each year, completion of total four courses during the course of undergraduate study)
  • Overall GPA 1.75 or higher
  • Special requirements for graduation determined by the department/divisions/school
  • Students on a leave of absence shall not graduate even if they meet all graduation requirements. However, double major students on a leave of absence shall graduate with their first major upon withdrawal from their double major.
  • Completion of Foreign Language-Mediated Courses
    • Regular Students: Completion of five or more foreign language-mediated courses (three or more foreign language-mediated courses for students affiliated with the College of Medicine)
    • Undergraduate Transfer Students: Completion of three or more foreign language-mediated courses (Students transferring to the College of Medicine are exempt)
  • Acquisition of Official Foreign Language Test Score
    • Official foreign language test scores in English (TOEFL, TOEIC, TOSEL(A), TEPS, IELTS) or Second Foreign Languages must be acquired. Details shall be stipulated in the regulations of each department/pision/school. 
  • Acquisition of Official Korean Language Test Score
    • Newly admitted or transferring international students admitted through Special International Student Admission after 2011
    • Newly admitted or transferring  students admitted through overseas Korean Students Admission after 2011(Applicants who have completed 12 years of education outside Korea)
    • Students achieving at least Level 4 in the Test of Proficiency in Korea (TOPIK) or completing the Korean language course (at least Level 4) at The Institute of Foreign Language Studies at Korea University
    • Students meeting one of the following are exempt:
      • Newly-admitted students to the pision of International Studies
      • International students admitted through the Global Korea Scholarship (GKS) program
      • Students whose cases are approved at the discretion of the President
  • Acquisition of the Certification of Comprehension of Chinese Characters
    • Passing the Chinese character comprehension test administered at Korea University 
    • Chinese Character (Hanja) Proficiency Level Test (Corporation of Korea HANJA Education Research Institute)
    • Practical Chinese Character Qualification Test (Korea Institute of Foreign Language Assessment) 
    • Chinese Character Qualification Test (Korea Association for the Promotion of Hanja Education)
    • National Examination for Chinese Characters (Korean Language and Literature Society)
    • Korea Hanja Test (Korea Institute of Life-long Education Evaluation)
    • Chinese Character Proficiency Test (Korea Research Institute for Chinese Character Education)
    • Korea Hanja Proficiency Test (Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI))
    • YBM Business Hanja Test (YBM Sisa)
    • Chinese Vocabulary Proficiency Test (Korea Association of Information Management) (The Korea Association of Information Management)
    • Chinese Character Proficiency Certification Test (Korea Institute for Education Evaluation and Certification)

Credit Requirements for Graduation

  • Required credits for graduation are 130.
  • Required credits for graduation of specifics colleges/divisions/schools and departments are listed in subparagraphs.
    • College of Education: 140 credits
    • College of Engineering, Department of Architecture: 165 credits
    •  College of Medicine, Department of Medicine: 172 credits
    • Department of Cyber Defense: 150 credits
    • College of Pharmacy: 160 credits



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