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홈버튼 Academic Information Course Registration  Overview 


Academic Regulations Article


Korea University Constitution Article 29 (Course Registration), Academic Regulations Article 42 (Course Registration Period), Article 43 (Registration Process), Article 44 (Excess Registration), Article 45 (Course Add-Drop), Article 46 (No Course Registration and No Credit Acquisition), Article 77 (Academic Warning)

Application Period

  • Mid-February (Spring Semester), End of May (Summer Session), Mid-August (Fall Semester), Early December (Winter Session)

 Detailed information is available through the KU website and Academic Calendar and Notices on Course Registration on KU Portal.



Seoul Campus
  • Major or Major-related elective:

    Go to Administration Office of the relevant department/division/school

  • Thinking and Writing, Core General Education Courses, General Elective courses: Institute for General Education(02-3290-1087)
  • Foreign Languages: Foreign Language Center(02-3290-1453)
  • Teacher Training: Teaching Profession Team (02-3290-2398)
  • Course Registration System: Information System Development Department(02-3290-4179)
Sejong Campus
  • Administration Office of the relevant department/division/school or Academic Administration Division (Sejong Campus: 044-860-1124)
Content Department
  • Educational Affairs Team