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홈버튼 Educational Program Global Program  Students Exchange Program

Students Exchange Program

SEP: Student Exchange Program

  • Korea University’s Student Exchange Program (SEP) enables KU students to pay their tuition and remain officially enrolled at KU while studying at a partner university for a minimum of one semester to a maximum of one year. In addition, students are able to acquire academic credits towards their KU degree.
  • KU has made Student Exchange Agreements with many prestigious universities in the world, approximately 1,000 partner schools in over 100 countries. KU’s SEP helps students develop global competencies by providing an unique opportunity to live and study at prestigious universities around the world.
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주요 협정 국가 및 대학 현황 지도 이미지

* Check out our Partner Universities: oia.korea.ac.kr > International Collaborations > Partner Univ.

Current Status of KU outgoing exchange students

Current Status of KU outgoing exchange students
  2019 2020 2021
# of Countries 28 25 22
# of Universities 189 113 93
# of Outgoing students 773 238 181

* The number of students going abroad through programs in KU Office of International Affairs2020 and 2021 numbers have decreased due to COVID restrictions

"Participating in KU's Student Exchange Program was one of the best experiences of my life. Attending university in France helped me experience European culture first-and and also expand my personal and academic horizons.“
-Mr. Shin, Philosophy major

For more information: studyabroad.korea.ac.kr > 교환학생(SEP)



International Mobility & Cooperation Team, Office of International Affairs