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Procedures for Course Registration

Procedures for Course Registration

Go to the Course Registeration System
Go to the KU Portal

  1. Visit the course registration system (https://sugang.korea.ac.kr) and log in to the system with your student number and portal password.
  2. Visit the KU portal system (https://portal.korea.ac.kr) and view the course schedule at Course > Class Information > Undergraduate Major Courses or view courses in the course registration system. Before registering, make a course list (course number, class, and course classification) in advance.
  3. Use the preferred course list function in the course registration system to register for the course(s) you wish to take by selecting from the preferred course list at the time of the official course registration.
  4. Students can register for a minimum of 1 credit and a maximum of 19 credits. Maximum credits per semester:
    • College of Medicine: 30 credits
    • College of Education: 20 credits
    • Department of Cyber Defense and College of Pharmacy: 22 credits
  5. The following students are permitted to register for 3 additional credits:
    Students whose current overall GPA is 3.75 or higher without any F grades
    Students who have earned 17(18) credits without any F grades and received a GPA of 3.75 or higher in the previous semester
    Students in the Bachelor-Master’s integrated program
    • The Colleges of Medicine and Pharmacy are excluded.
  6. For information on course registration for exchange students, please refer to the academic exchange guidelines.

Students cannot register for their preferred courses during the course registration period. Please check the registration period for preparatory preferred course registration in advance.

For more information on course registration, please refer to the attached file of “Manual for Course Registration” on the notice about Course Registration (Bulletin > Notice > Undergraduate schedule) at the KU portal system.

Important Notes

  • Students who are on a leave of absence but intend to return are required to register in advance.
  •  Registering for courses for which the schedules overlap will not be accepted in the course registration system.
  • Students who do not register for courses without giving an acceptable reason after paying their tuition or have not earned credits will be deemed to have registered for the semester.



Seoul Campus
  • Major or Major-related elective:

    Go to Administration Office of the relevant department/division/school

  • Thinking and Writing, Core General Education Courses, General Elective courses: Institute for General Education(02-3290-1087)
  • Foreign Languages: Foreign Language Center(02-3290-1453)
  • Teacher Training: Teaching Profession Team (02-3290-2398)
  • Course Registration System: Information System Development Department(02-3290-4179)
Sejong Campus
  • Administration Office of the relevant department/division/school or Academic Administration Division (Sejong Campus: 044-860-1124)
Content Department
  • Educational Affairs Team