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Interdisciplinary Majors

Academic Regulations Article


For further details regarding the double major credit requirements please contact the relevant department or college.


An interdisciplinary major means that courses from two or more departments (colleges) are selected to form a separate curriculum. For those who complete an interdisciplinary major which is recognized as a second major, two degrees are awarded upon graduation.


  • Students must be enrolled in their first major and have been registered for more than three semesters (two semesters for transfer students).
    • Students on a leave of absence are not eligible for application.
  • Students who are accepted but take a leave of absence in or during the semester they begin an interdisciplinary major will be disqualified.
    • Duration of enrollment for current students: Spring Semester (March 1~July 31), Fall Semester (September 1~January 28 of the following year)
  • Students who have already been approved for double or interdisciplinary majors, or those who have applied for the engineering certification program are not eligible.
    • However, if the above-mentioned students intend to apply, their approved double or interdisciplinary majors or application for engineering certification must be abandoned by completing the withdrawal procedure within a specified period of time. (An application of abandonment can be submitted through the portal system.)
    • Students can reapply only once after abandoning an approved double or interdisciplinary major. If they fail to reapply, students must complete an intensive major of their first major.

Application Perios

April (Spring Semester), October (Fall Semester)

For more information, refer to the notices and academic calendar on the KU Portal and the interdisciplinary major website.

Application Procedures

  • Selection Standards
    • Academic transcript, study plan, as well as other evaluation criteria required by the desired department or major.
    • Academic evaluation reflects a students’ GPA for all courses (including those in which an F grade was received) taken until the previous semester at the time of application.
  • Application Method
    • Log in to the KU Portal (http://portal.korea.ac.kr) > Registration and Graduation – University Registration – Application for Interdisciplinary Major

Important Notes

  • For students admitted to the University in 2004 and after, a second major is required, and one of the following must be completed: intensive major of the first major, double major, interdisciplinary major, or student-designed major.
    • For transfer students with a bachelor’s degree, a second major is not mandatory.
  • The intensive major of the first major is the same as the existing single major system. Students who qualify for an interdisciplinary major start their coursework the semester after they are accepted.
  • The financial engineering interdisciplinary major is available only for students attending the Seoul campus.
  • For more inquiries, please contact the administration office of the relevant college or the department/division/school.


Administration Office of the Relevant College or Department/Division/School
융합전공 주관대학 및 주관학과(부) 행정실
Major College/Department URL Contact Number (02)
Humanities and Justice College of Liberal Arts 바로가기 버튼 3290-1314


(Emerging Markets and Latin America)

바로가기 버튼
(Language, Brain & Computer)
바로가기 버튼
Humanities and Creative Industry 바로가기 버튼
(Global Leader for East Asin Century)
바로가기 버튼
Medical Humanities 바로가기 버튼
Unification and International Peace 바로가기 버튼
Interdisciplinary Digital Literary Studies  
Ecologic Landscape
College of Life Sciences and Biotechnology
Division of Environmental Science and Ecological Engineering
바로가기 버튼 3290-4963
Climate Change Program 바로가기 버튼
Microbial Convergence Technologies 바로가기 버튼
Financial Engineering
College of Political Science and Economics
Department of Economics
바로가기 버튼 3290-2200
PEP (Politics, Economics and Policy)
Law and Public Administration
College of Political Science and Economics
Department of Public Administration
바로가기 버튼 3290-2270
Fashion Design and Merchandising College of Education Department of Home Economics Education 바로가기 버튼 3290-2320
Multicultural Korean Education College of Education Department of Korean Language Education 바로가기 버튼 3290-2340
Software Venture
College of Informatics
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
바로가기 버튼 3290-4932
Information Security
College of Informatics
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
바로가기 버튼
Brain and Cognitive Sciences
College of Informatics
바로가기 버튼
Artificial Intelligence College of Informatics 바로가기 버튼
Food Industrial Management College of Health Science   3290-5605
Public Governance and Leadership School of Interdisciplinary Studies 바로가기 버튼 3290-1415
Medical Convergence Engineering KU-KIST Graduate School of Converging Science and Technology 바로가기 버튼 3290-5902
Convergence Security Division of Information Security 바로가기 버튼 3290-4252
(Global Korean Studies Interdisciplinary Major)
GKS (Global Korean Studies Interdisciplinary Major) 바로가기 버튼 3290-1394
Technology Entrepreneurship College of Engineering   3290-4128
 Social Welfare
College of Humanity
Department of Sociology
 DMC (Digital Media Culture) College of Humanity Department of Archaeology and Art History   044-860-1203

Financial engineering is only available for students attending the Seoul campus.

Social welfare, DMC (digital media culture) majors are offered at the Sejong campus. 

GKS is only available for international students.

Students may not apply for a "Crytology" & "Study of Derivative Financial Engineering" due to the abolition of interdisciplinary major.

Eliminated Interdisciplinary Major: Science and Technology Studies, Medical Science and Engineering, Social Welfare



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