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Student-designed Majors

Academic Regulations Article


Korea University Constitution Chapter 4 Section 3 Article 35, Academic Regulations Chapter 6 Section 2 Subsection 3


Students can design and complete an individualized curriculum by combining subjects from three or more departments while completing their first major; this student-designed major will be recognized as their second major. Students must select subjects (including the first major) from three or more departments. For those who acquire the minimum required number of credits for the major, they will be recognized as having completed a second major and will be awarded two degrees upon graduation.


  • Students who wish to complete a student-designed major may apply for a specified period from the third semester.
  • Transfer students can apply after completing one semester at the university.
  • Students on a leave of absence are not permitted to apply for a second major.

Application Periods

End of April, End of October

For detailed information on the application periods, refer to the notices and academic calendar on the KU Portal and student-designed major website.

Application Procedures and Evaluation

  • Recommendation by the academic advisor of the student-designed major
  • Deliberation by Curriculum Deliberation Committee
  • Permission from the KU President

각 해당 학과(부) 문의처

각 해당 학과(부) 행정실
Student-designed Major College/Department Contact
Actuarial Science and Risk Management College of Science Department of Mathematics 3290-4597
Food Journalism College of Life Sciences and Biotechnology Division of Food Bioscience and Technology 3290-4962
Social Communication College of Liberal Arts Department of Russian Language and Literature 3290-2130
Department of HRD College of Education Department of Education 3290-2290
Management of IT Convergence Business School Department of Business Administration 3290-2702
Liberal Arts and Psychology College of Education Department of Korean Language Education 3290-2340
Bio-Science Communications College of Life Sciences and Biotechnology Division of Biotechnology 3290-3060
Ecological and Evolutionary Biology
Visual Media Policy College of Political Science and Economics Department of Public Administration 3290-2270



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